Scanning the heavens

Clear skies, what I took for granted as a kid is now a big luxury. There was a time when I observed the skies everyday, now it might be once a year. Yet there is nothing like viewing the heavens with crickets singing in the dark and mosquitoes buzzing in your ears. I record here our session @Crockett Park on 28th August 2016.

We began with orienting the 10″ Dob and took a quick look at Mars and Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn’s rings were particularly dainty. We then moved to some standard objects, the Ring Nebula in Lyra, Dumbell in Vulpecula, M13 in Herakles, M92 between Herakles and Draco’s head, M28. M22, Trifid, Lagoon and the most beautiful Swan nebula in Sagittarius. We also resolved the double of Antares. Sadly by the time we were warmed up it was too late and we had to return.