Dancing droplets

Recently, there was a landmark paper on a very interesting observation called the dancing droplets.This was published in Nature by the Manu Prakash group at Stanford. We replicated this study at home with great excitement. The key thing is to have absolutely clean slides. In our experience this far, only one brand of coverslips can be used without further treatment to replicate this. We are still trying our new media. Great fun.


Vapour-mediated sensing and motility in two-component droplets
N. J. Cira, A. Benusiglio & M. Prakash Nature (2015) doi:10.1038/nature14272


Spider mites on my raat-ki-rani plant

I have provided an extensive description of my investigation into a spider-mite infestation on my Cestrum nocturnum plant. In that the videos and pictures were all generated using the foldscope.


 Here I additionally include a video made using my celestron microscope. Both the foldscope and compound microscopes have their own unique differences, but the foldscope is cheaper and much more portable.